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During the early 1990s, many female gamers gathered as members of the Video Game Girl Ring – if they had a website. When the winter of 2000 came around, a forum for them named digitalFLARE was created. Digital being related to the type of information they would be sharing and flare being both a play on the word flair and one of the strongest spells in Final Fantasy games.

The community believed that it was possible to enjoy videogames whilst taking 'girly' interests such as fashion and beauty just as seriously. Our image of a female gamer was never one of a weapon-toting aggressor but of a thoughtful diplomat who probably enjoys Jane Austen novels. At digitalFLARE, ladylike players could have their gaming cake and eat it, too.

During the spring of 2003, we agreed upon publishing our views and FLAREgamer was born. Since FLAREgamer's staff only writes when a topic strikes our fancy, we won't have anything up to the minute. We also don't believe in going to one source for everything nor attempting to become one. This is why our site reflects our ever-evolving personal tastes rather than an online portal. What we are is a group of friends... who like pretty things.

The success of the site is in our way of innovating instead of imitating. We follow our own personal standards and we don't believe in exploiting controversial issues. By striving to write content which is of interest to our audience, our visitors have grown in number by word of mouth alone. If you would like to know more, join our Facebook Page or follow us on Twitter!


Current Staff
Sheila Knight
Christina Michalowsky
Jennifer Richens
Mary Huang
Rosanne Nagy
Michelle Becker
Sindhuja Shyam
Katherine Huang
Gabriella Tato
Brooke Jordan
Georgia Hinterleitner
Artwork on the current layout is from SilverRidgeStudio's watercolour prints. The subtle background pattern was found on SubtlePatterns. FLAREgamer is powered by a heavily customized b2. Hosting is provided by Hostgator.

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