All I Want For Christmas Is ...

It’s that lovely time of the air again, for boys and girls, rampant fans and the more quietly obsessed alike. Despite (or maybe because of) the festivities, it can be hard to think of the right gift for that special someone, especially now that the important day is drawing near! But never fear. The FLAREgamer staff have a few picks of their own to share with you, and with any luck it’ll be just what your loved ones have always wanted.

Shadow Hearts: Covenant
C’mon, it had to be said (yes, I’m a woman on a mission!). If you know an RPG fan who doesn’t yet own this dazzling piece of art, you can change this tragedy for the better! You want an experience that's fun, crazy, bewitching and/or tear-jerking, it’s got it all in spades. (There’s gotta be a reason it’s the PS2 best RPG of the year at both GameSpy and IGN!) This is a gaming masterpiece that deserves to be under the tree. (And those who already have the title might consider picking up the Shadow Hearts II soundtrack and enjoy the eclectic music outside of the game as well. There’s even green on the cover, how festive!) -Mary

The Lord of the Rings Premium Slipcase
Can't go wrong with Return of the King extended edition DVD in a box. -Sheila

Cover to Cover: Creative Techniques For Making Beautiful Books, Journals and Albums
I first spotted this at the Word on the Street Festival in Toronto, and I was extremely impressed. Even when I’d just picked it up to browse through, two complete strangers stopped to tell me what a great book it was. If anything, it’s an inspiration. A clear, well-written guide on book-binding/book-making techniques, it provides easy-to-follow diagrams as well as handy information on tools and materials. Great for a beginner, but also an amazing resource for a more advanced book artist or artists in general. Stuffed with photos of gorgeous creations made from paper (of course!), wood, metals, and folded into the most unimaginable shapes, or even taking the forms of little parasols and beds, it’s a treat just flipping through it. -Mary

Bowlingual Dog Bark Translator
Bow-Lingual dogtranslator, one of the hottest inventions in 2002. Previously only available in Japan. Using voice print technology this device can translate what your dog is feeling or saying. (addition inspired by Kimi Wa Petto) -Sheila

Rings from The Carrotbox
Pretty elegant and pretty funky non-metal rings, running the gamut from exquisite to downright mouth-watering! Glass, acrylic, vintage button, jade and more. Many of these pieces are individually made and one-of-a-kind, but the prices won’t destroy your wallet or budget. Perfect for people who love interesting jewelry, can’t wear regular metal stuff or just play with their fingers a lot. I’m not even a big fan of jewelry in general, and I got hungry surfing this site. There’s even a holiday gift guide! -Mary

A Ticket to "The 10 annual Xerox "Images of Winter" Icewine Evening" celebrating Icewine, of course.
The festivities are ushered in with the Xerox "Images of Winter" Icewine Evening at the renowned Sheraton on the Falls Hotel overlooking the majesty of Niagara Falls, Ontario on Friday, January 14 from 8 pm to 11 pm. More than 35 of Ontario's award-winning wineries gather for this spectacular evening which showcases wines from several of the province's premier wineries and features Canada's largest public tasting of internationally acclaimed Icewines. Be assured that while Icewine has the centre stage, the cuisine is not to be outdone as the Chefs of Canadian Niagara Hotels offer more than a dozen food stations piled high with pastas, seafood, wild game, satays and of course, dessert. Tickets are priced at $150 CDN., per person. -Rosanne

And, For Creme Brulee Lovers:
Bathwerks online purchases (all in $CDN)
Chocolate Bath Oils (60 g, $9.95)
Expresso Scrub (60 ml $6.95, 200 ml, $15.95)
Whipped Cream (250 ml, $12.95)
...all in a Creme Brulee Scent. I have some of it and it smells droolworthy. -Rosanne

Happy shopping and (more importantly!) happy holidays from all of us at FLAREgamer!

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