Northern California Regionals

Held on November 15-16, players from all over the West Coast and East Coast (come its NorCal) came and showed their l33t skillz in single and team tournaments for MvC2, CvS2, SvC, GGXX, 3S, A3 and ST.

I didn't go on Saturday but the talk of the town was that there was a 2 hour "intermission" during the MvC2 team tourney and SvC is trash. Arturo won the SvC tourney with Zero and lets just say, if you pick Zero you'll win too.

Sunday was fun. I was able to go and watched the entire MvC2 tourney and a bit of the team GGXX. MvC2 was amazing and most was caught on tape. The only thing that bothered me was the controversy between Potter and dj-b13. Apparently dj-b13 lost his match and said afterwards that his stick wasn't working. Well after actually checking it out it didn't. But in the meantime, Tragic, Potter and dj-b13 were discussing about what to do while the tournament was being held up. They finally decided to play another set and dj-b13 won. Potter demanded to Tragic that he get another match and it was granted. Potter won and eliminated dj-b13 from the tourney. Other than that I had a great time. Doug and I had to leave early because we had to be home by a certain time. Daycare only lasts for so long. *sad*

Tournament Results For Singles Tournaments
CvS2 - November 15, 2003
1st - Ricky Ortiz
2nd - George Posados
3rd - Peter Rosas
4th - Eric Choi
5th - Campbell Tran

GGXX - November 12, 2003
1st - Saif Ebrahim
2nd - Eric Choi
3rd - Ken I
4th - Peter Rosas
5th - Ben Cureton

MvC2 - November 16, 2003
1st - Peter Rosas
2nd - Ricky Ortiz
3rd - Doug Hesia
4th - Randy Lew
5th - Harry Potter

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