Tasteful Gamer Wedding Ideas

Getting married? Looking for some geeky video game inspiration? FLAREgamer staff picks fun ideas from their own weddings and beyond, ranking them from the subtly sophisticated to wonderfully whimsical.

While most gamers would love to have a uniquely memorable wedding, it's hard to tell whether an idea will be received as quirky or gimmicky. Unless both partners are gamers that enjoy planning ideas together, chances are that most stand out ideas require a bit of compromise in the end. This is where we come in.

Since FLAREgamer staff members have either gotten married, are getting married, or are in bridal parties, we've found stylish ways to let a couple's personality shine through without alienating guests who aren't as gamer-savvy.

★ Subtly Sophisticated – it will fly under the radar of non-gamers
★★ Creatively Clever – both gamers and non gamers will appreciate it
★★★ Wonderfully Whimsical – great if the majority of your guests are gamers
♥ FLAREgamer Pick – used at a FLAREgamer staff wedding


Rating ★★★ + ♥
The first real glimpse into your wedding comes from the invitation suite. How far you take a theme should match the event, as invitations give guests a clue to the formality and style of your wedding. So if your wedding isn't a gamerfest, guests may be wondering why your upcoming nuptials are in a Pac-man cutout. An alternative to a heavily themed suite is adapting the font or design of a game's text and logo treatments. Although letterpress is a current trend, and up and coming trend is laser cut invitations.

Super Mario Bros. Invitation Set by Larry T Quach Paper Record Player Invitation by Kelli Anderson Laser Cut Invitations by Christine & Ian

Escort Cards

Rating ★★
The sky is the limit with arranged seating. If you have the time, you can take a gamer reception to the extreme with character cards. Just keep in mind that your guest list is continually shifting, and someone may actually end up unhappy with what you've selected for them. To keep non-gamers in the loop, try to include a short blurb describing their game or character. Non-numbered tables in a large venue should include a table map so that guests don't have a hard time finding their seats.

World of Warcraft Escort Cards by Papercake DesignsRobot Themed Escort Cards by Ramon & VinaTable Signs and Escort Cards by Mrs. Hummingbird

Floral Arrangements

Flowers are a wedding staple and if you plan on including them there are many ways to delicately add game-themed details. A recent trend is tossing a fortune bouquet that breaks apart, which both men and women can catch. Try it with lucky quotes taken from games written on the ribbons. Since most men don't appreciate wearing flowers, try custom boutonnieres with miniature figures or controllers.

Character Bouquets and Boutonnieres by Janelle and EddieElectric Guitar Boutonniere by Season HamiltonFortune Bouquets by Martha Stewart Weddings


Rating ★ + ♥
While costumes are out of the question for this article, that doesn't mean your whole wardrobe is out of the question. With DSLRs and macro detail shots becoming expected of photographers, even the tiniest of accessories, such as gamer cufflinks, are sure to be captured. If you're uncomfortable with investing in and living with themed rings, fake themed rings can be used on the ring bearer's pillow and still be a part of the ceremony. And if you want your gamer details completely out of sight during the ceremony, a themed garter is a popular option.

Yoshitaka Amano Designed Wedding ring by James MielkeDamascus Star Wars Reference Wedding Rings by joeythehoboPlaystation cufflinks by cufflinks.com

Gamer Lounge

Rating ★★★ + ♥
A game station at the reception is a godsend for gamers who want to socialize and have a good time, without feeling awkward on the dance floor or screaming over loud music. Try not to separate the gaming action from the actual reception and include beginner friendly games such as Wii Sports so that non-gamers can join in.

Xbox lounge by Rosanne & AndrewRock Band dancefloor by Adele & JohnWii station by naia-the-gamer

Centerpieces & Favors

Rating ★★★
During most of the reception, it's likely that your guests will be looking at their table's centerpiece. Your table arrangement may be the only thing they ever see close-up, so having it look nice or interesting could be worth your while. You can save money by foregoing flowers and making themed decor, or save time by foregoing custom favors. While favors are a declining trend, an increasing trend is letting your guests know that you've donated to a charity (such as Child's Play or DonateGames) in their name instead. If you still want to include a favor with your message, there are many elegant and easy ways to do so.

8-bit Centerpiece by Kelly & ChrisClay Gaming character favors by BeccaDonations to Quebec Breast Cancer by Mrs. Flamingo

Custom Drinks

Rating ★★
You don't need a wedding to make a custom drink list or adapt an existing one into something game or pop-culture themed. Don't forget to add some signage that accurately describes the ingredients so that your guests (who may have food allergies) know exactly what they're drinking. Make sure your venue has enough of the needed ingredients, as fancy cocktails often end up being crowd favorites due to their appearance.

Final Fantasy Night drinks by IT University of CopenhagenGaming Cocktails by OXMDragon Age cocktail via The Drunken Moogle

Cake or Cupcake Toppers

Rating ★★ + ♥
If you're going all out with a themed cake, the crazy ideas are usually left to the groom's cake. For a more subtle effect you can easily use game-based toppers on the cake or cupcake tower. Poseable or miniature toys and props are best when placed on a fairly simple cake design, as it won't disturb the cake's beauty.

Groom's cake with Godannar robots by Rosanne & AndrewBioshock cupcake topper by Anna & JonMini Han and Leia by Infelix

Music Selections

Rating ★ + ♥
Whether there's a pianist, harpist, string quartet, or a DJ, it's easy to sneak a few (or several) low key songs in the cocktail or dinner music. If you want things to be more noticeable, romantic arrangements of video game music for the processional can work. Be sure to choose something with a walkable tempo, especially for the bride's entrance. We suggest going all out on the last song of the reception. By then most guests have cleared out, so this one will go under the radar. Plus, since the bridal party would most likely still be present, the chances of your song selection being appreciated is a lot higher.

Secret of Forest on PianoTo Zanarkand on HarpTheme of Love by Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra

...And making it happen

Unless you have guests ready and willing to help, it's important to have an external event co-ordinator who ensures that all the touches and details you've planned on still happen as they should. It's not unheard of for a couple to have spent days making DIY and have it go unused because nobody was available to put it out on the day of, much less check for it. Depending on how much preparation is required on the day of, you may even need more than one person.

For many, this is the biggest event you'll ever plan in your life. Whatever choice you make, make sure you love it. As someone once said, "The more you are motivated by love, the more fearless and free your actions will be."

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