Video Game Fashion Victims: Wrong and Right On

Sometimes the fashion in videogames is so much fail it's a win. Whilst sitting around a pot of chocolate fondue and raspberries, the FLAREgamer staff blamestormed the topic that originally brought us together... what characters wear in videogames. Read on for what Team Lace thinks...


Crocell Excella Wrong: Crocell of Magna Carta 2
In a game rife with cankles, he wears what looks like glowing crocs. Heck, it's his namesake.

Right On: Excella of Resident Evil 5
She's wearing a red-soled pair of Louboutins. Nothing more needs to be said.


Ashe Dante Wrong: Ashe of Final Fantasy 12
Micro skirts can be cute, but not when you see butt cleavage. Not everyone wants to see it.

Right On: Dante of Devil May Cry
It's striking and sleek without ripping off the Matrix or looking like a regular at Hot Topic.

Gender Bender

Benimaru Vanessa Wrong: Benimaru of King of Fighters
Channeling Peg Bundy, he wears a tight, midriff baring top. Sometimes in leopard print.

Right On: Vanessa of King of Fighters
Not-your-average style of suspenders worn under a cropped shirt. Always feminine.


Shizuna Warlock Wrong: Shizuna of White Knight Chronicles
A cluster, er, Charlie Foxtrot of period clothing ideas done wrong.

Right On: Female Warlock of Granado Espada
An abundance of details in Baroque clothing ideas done right.

Evening Gowns

Aya Ada Wrong: Aya of Parasite Eve
The square cut neckline and chunky heels were barely forgivable in the '90s.

Right On: Ada of Resident Evil 4
The halter top and d'Orsay Manolos were as classy as it gets in the '00s.


Dr. Cid Wesker Wrong: Dr. Cid of Final Fantasy 12
He's one string of pearls away from being Angela in Murder She Wrote.

Right On: Wesker of Resident Evil
He's one spare pair away from being Rude in Final Fantasy 7.

Non-traditional Kimonos

Setsuka Felicia Wrong: Setsuka of Soul Calibur
Unfortunately, tacky ideas are considered sacred in this game series.

Right On: Felicia of Magna Carta
Fortunately, spiritual ideas are considered sacred in this game series.

Foreign Tattoos

Brucie Sheva Wrong: Brucie of Grand Theft Auto 4
It's like tramp stamps for men. Enjoy learning what all the kanji really means.

Right On: Sheva of Resident Evil 5
This brave warrior gets it. "Shujaa" is exactly what she is, a hero.

There are hundreds of other comparison possibilities out there, and we could have gone on forever. Some were just too easy – like (RE4) Leon and (FF8) Squall's bomber jackets, or Bayonetta and (FF12) Fran's killer heels. If your taste in fashion matches ours, join us at digitalFLARE and check out what we're shopping for!

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