(Under)statement Pieces

Accessorizing like your favourite characters shouldn't have to look like cosplaying. These FLAREgamer finds will inspire you to look for the parts to look the part - outside of convention season. In this feature we cover a few of our favourite things as seen on characters from games, movies and television shows.


Linked Materia PendantMaster Magic
Two slots is better than one in this Final Fantasy VII inspired necklace. Single materias also available.
Linked Materia Pendant
  by wickedorin

Moss Aquamarine Solitaire NecklaceHeirloom
Schala, Marle and Kid's time traveling pendant sure gets around in Chrono Trigger.
Moss Aquamarine Solitaire Necklace
  by amyhatch

Blooms and Draped Chains in AquamarineClear Kryptonite
Neutralized or not, this necklace would have been killer in Smallville if Lana Lang wore it.
Blooms and Draped Chains in Aquamarine, Keshi and Gold Fill
  by fussjewelry

Dakota Enamel Swing Chandelier EarringsNirvana
It's not hard to find all of Yuna's Final Fantasy X staff designs swimming around in earring formation.
Dakota Enamel Swing Chandelier Earrings
  by Monsoon Accessorize


Zelda Bottled Fairy NecklaceBottled Fairies
Got an annoying sidekick? Bottle it! These tiny Zelda fairies come in different colours.
Zelda Bottled Fairy Necklace
  by YellerCrakka

Steampunk Pocket WatchTimeless Piece
Pocket watches aren't just for Sherlock Holmes. Irene Adler needs to know when it's tea time.
Neo Victorian Steampunk Brass Gear Gold Pocket Watch
  by tempusfugit

Textile CuffTouch of Castlevania
Would you like some frills with that cuff? Goes great with a bite repellent neck choker.
Textile Cuff - She Was A Black Eyed Bumper Car
  by tatteredrouge


MoonRay CircletElven Bride
Boost your magic skills on the big day with a delicate Lord of the Rings style circlet or tiara.
MoonRay Circlet
  by Elnara

Juliet Hair VineMasquerade Ball
Sarah's big hair had a Labyrinth of a vine that could only exist in dreams. Just don't eat the peaches.
Juliet Hair Vine
  by Glass Oyster

Regal Empress Amethyst Hair SticksLulu Who
Final Fantasy X tempted us to channel our inner Black Mage with ornamental hair sticks.
Regal Empress Amethyst Hair Sticks
  by ForeverSunshine

Pale Amethyst Crystal And Satin HeadwrapBlair Bands
Be a princess or a Queen Bee. Just remind Gossip Girl that this Waldorf rules the Upper East Side.
Pale Amethyst Crystal And Satin Headwrap
  by Jennifer Behr

Slanted Sin Disc With FeathersBleuet Delacour
This angled fascinator is reminiscent of Fleur, a femme fatale in the Harry Potter movies.
Slanted Sin Disc With Feathers
  by Monsoon Accessorize

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