Mission Statement

At digitalFLARE our members wanted to create a site where we could inform other gamers about topics that we're interested in. We are not here to tell our readers what to think or do; we only hope that our honest and thorough research would help them in making their own informed decisions. Doing so with '80s references also never hurts.

As the years go by, gaming websites are increasingly concerned with gender issues, shock reporting, and traffic driving. Delivering well-edited information and thoughtful insight is no longer a priority. FLAREgamer strives to keep articles on current community interests, and to publish content that stays relevant for years to come.

FLAREgamer is the first female dominant gaming site of its kind. Readers will not find staff members outlining personal histories on how they got into games in order to prove themselves. Our multicultural contributors come from different walks of life and all of us have worked in the gaming industry. Each of our personal styles and differing opinions are what makes up the many facets of our content.

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